~My Instructors, Fellow Performers, and Greatest Influences~

Rubina Carmona of Carmona Flamenco
Flamenco Performer, Singer, Instructor, Choreographer, Artistic Director of La Peña Flamenca de Seattle, Co-founder of Flamenco Arts Northwest


Dr. Ratna Roy – Orrisi Dance
(Photo by David J. Capers)
Dr. Roy is full-time faculty at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. She Is also founder and artistic director of the Urvasi Dance Company.


Mish Mish
Seattle instructor and researcher of Middle Eastern Dance. Director of Karavans and Khan el-Khalili Dance Troupes.


Yasmela of Bou-Saada
Instructor and researcher of Middle Eastern Dance. Founding member of renowned old style tribal / folkloric Bou-Saada troupe, formed in the 1970’s. Bellingham, WA.


Raqs Halim Dance Ensemble
Seattle based performance group, 1998-2005, specializing in folkloric, tribal, and world fusion dance styles. Gallery


Troupe Rose
Seattle/Central WA's first tribal/folkloric performance group, now disbanded, directed by Vajra Dawn (far right).


Banat Sahar
Protégés of Yasmela , Music and Dance Ensemble based in Bellingham, WA specializing in regional dances of the Near East.


Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour
Jamila is recognized as the Grandmother of bellydance in the US. Based in San Francisco, CA, her format has evolved into the vocabulary of movements for tribal, cabaret, and her daughter’s (Suhaila) format.


Carolina Nericcio and FatChanceBellyDance
(photo courtesy of FatChanceBellyDance)
Originators of American Tribal Style, formed in 1987, based in San Francisco, CA


Paulette Rees-Denis and the Gypsy Caravan
(photo by Bruce Beaton)
Innovators of Tribal Style Bellydance, formed in 1991, based in Portland, OR




Elizabeth Dennis
Seattle based performer/instructor


Melissa Ruby
Seattle based performer/instructor


Dalia Carella
New York based performer/instructor, specializing in innovative fusion styles.


Jill Parker
San Francisco based performer/instructor, artistic director of Ultra Gypsy


Rachel Brice
San Francisco based performer/instructor, company member of the Bellydance Superstars, artistic director of The Indigo 

Romani Urban Tribal Belly Dance
San Francisco based performance group/instructors. Romani has evolved into Clandestine ( and Bellygroove (


Tamalyn Dallal
Performer and Instructor


Colleena Wedding
Performer and Instructor, specializing in East Indian Orissi and Rajasthani dance

Seattle based West African Dance instructor.


Oscar Nieto

Vancouver, BC based Flamenco performer and instructor


Sara de Luis

Pacific Northwest Flamenco Instructor and Performer  website


Antonio El Pipa

Jerez based Flamenco performer and instructor


Alicia Marquez

Sevilla based Flamenco performer and instructor


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