Class Descriptions and Level Bre

Class Descriptions and Level Breakdowns


With an emphasis on moving from the core muscles, Zanbaka's approach to belly dance offers students the vocabulary, skills, and freedom to pursue whatever style they prefer.  The Beginning Class is appropriate for those who have never taken a dance class in their life and for more experienced dancers who want to perfect the basics. This class includes:
1) A multitasking warm-up utilizing common foot-patterns and arm movements while raising heart-rate, lubricating joints, increasing blood flow/oxygen to all parts of the body, and sharpening our alertness.
2) Slow finger cymbal rhythms combined with simple foot patterns/arm movements
3) Conditioning to strengthen muscle groups used in bellydance and to improve alignment and control
4) "Light" stretches to open up areas of the body that may have become stagnant or tight during the course of the day
5) Technique exercises for postural alignment, beginning turns, and arm positions
6) Various isolation drills for the head, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, ribcage, abdominals, and hips.
In addition to developing muscle memory, our goal with the weekly drills is to build speed, clarity, and precision, since they are the basis for so many advanced movements in bellydance.
7) Combinations to strengthen transitions between movements.
8) A cool-down with deeper stretches and relaxation


For students interested in advancing to the Intermediate Class, I recommend that you be intimately familiar, have a firm understanding, and possess the ability to independently execute each of the following technique items as guideline. For students with basic bellydance experience, please bear in mind that the content and intensity of beginning classes can vary immensely from instructor to instructor. I ask that new students start out with the Beginning Class, regardless of experience. I'm always happy to discuss your dance goals and threshold for individual critique and feedback in class, so please Email me anytime!


Beginning Technique (This material is cycled through approximately every Ten Weeks)

Foot Patterns, Finger Cymbal 3's at Full Time, Soft and Strong Arm Positions, Floreos, Wrist Isolations, Hand Undulations, Low Arm Undulations, Shoulder Isolations (Forward, Up, Back Down)Figure Eights PTM (U2D, D2U), Hip Twist (PTF, Up, Raised), Figure Eights (F2B and B2F versions of Basic, PTF, PTM/PTF), Head Isolations, Up Hips, Side Hips, Down Hips, Raised Up Hip and Timing Variations, Ribcage Variations (Slides, Tilt, Twist, Diagonal, Vertical, Diamonds, Squares, Figure Eights), Hip Diamond Variations (Up, PTF, Side-Up), Lower Body Undulation, Abdominal Isolations, Full Body Undulation, Leg Shimmy, Weight Shifting Shimmy, Quiver Shimmy, Up 3/4 Shimmies, Down 3/4 Shimmies, Basic Turns, 4/4 Rhythms.


Intermediate Technique

Complex Foot Patterns, Wrist and Elbow Leading Soft Arm Series, Floreos Layered on Dynamic Strong Arms Positions, Leg Shimmy with Layering Variations, Traveling and Changing Levels with Beginning Technique Isolations, Traveling Up 3/4 Shimmy 1, Traveling Up 3/4 Shimmy 2, Traveling Down 3/4 Shimmy 1, Traveling Down 3/4 Shimmy 2, 3/4 Shimmy Variations, Raised Up Hip Variations and Shapes, Working with Degree of Range and Crispness, Layering Combos, Turns (Paddle, Barrel, 2 Step, 3 Step, Slow Pivot), complex 4/4 Finger Cymbal Patterns at Full Time, Basic Veil work, Combos to drill transitions and explore musicality.


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